What Gear Do You Need For A Hiking & Backpack?

Going backpacking can be very exciting, but for some people, it can be trying as well because they are not sure what get they should bring or even how to prepare. By knowing more about the gear they should be bringing with them, it is going to be easy for people to go on a hiking and backpacking adventure and know they are ready for anything that comes at them. Without this simple guide, it is very easy for you to forget something at the house and realize after you are getting ready to bed down for the night that you forgot it.

nice fitting backpackA nice fitting backpack is easily one of the first things that you need to bring with you. While this may seem like it is a very simple thing to bring, it is common for people to think the backpack they have is going to work, only to realize after a couple of miles with the pack fully loaded down the straps do not have the right padding or they do not have the properly adjusted hip straps to help carry the weight on their hips. So it is important for people to get a backpack that is properly adjusted and has padding on the straps.

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A lightweight tent and sleeping bag is another thing you are going to want to have. Now if you are camping in the mountains or other regions where the night can get cold you may want to consider a different type of tent or sleeping bag, but if possible you will want to keep the weight as light as possible. This way you can have less weight you have to carry on your back and shoulders. It is also important to get one that can be compressed down to ensure it fits into your sleeping bag or you could have problems in hiking with the sleeping bag and tent.

Extra water bottlesExtra water bottles and a way to treat the water you find on the trail is something else you need to consider. You may think that bringing along a bottle or two of water is fine, which it can be for the start you need to realize you can and most likely will run out of water at some point on your trip. So you should have a way to treat the water, and that can be done with chemical tablets and even with different filter systems. So make sure you have a treatment system with you that makes it easier for you to get everything cleaned up properly.

Changes of clothing are another thing that you tend to overlook when you are going just for a simple hiking trip. However, if you are planning on being gone for any amount of time you will want to have a change of clothes with you. You never know if you will run into a rain storm or a creek that you have to cross. When you run into these, you need to realize it can be a major challenge, but it is also a challenge that can leave you wet. Walking in wet clothes for long distances often leads to blisters and other sores that can cut your hiking adventure shorter than what you wanted it to be cut.

Cooking utensils and pots are other items that you may want to make sure you bring with you as well. While you may think this is something that is common sense, you need to realize this is important because it will allow you to have a way to eat your food, but also makes it easier for you to prepare the food that you are going to need to eat as well.

First aid is something you may overlook at some points in time, but you do not want to overlook that when you are on the hiking trail. Since this is the case, you should make sure you bring along a small first aid kit that has some basic bandages, wraps, and splints inside of it. This way you can have a kit with you and can treat some very basic injuries if you need to while you are hiking on the trail.

Being able to go on a backpacking adventure can be exciting, but it also requires some planning as you need to bring along some gear with you. When you know about some of the gear you should be bringing with you, it will be easy for you to go backpacking and know you are prepared for any of the trips that you are going to take. Without this, you could have some problems in your trip because you are not properly prepared, or you realize after you are on the trails you forgot a piece of gear.

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Author: Mark Eisele

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