Outdoor camping – a cure for our physical and mental structure

Noise is probably the worst thing of a modern age we are facing with every single day. Traffic noise, industry noise, city noise, civilization noise… What is more, noise never comes alone – it always brings us tension and stress which are the most dangerous for our physical and mental health. Stress at work, stress in the family, stress on holiday, traffic stress, social stress…

We are drowning in a quicksand of stress every day and one might ask is there anybody why can give us a hand and pull us out? Is there anything that can help us unchain? The solution is so simple and obvious and reachable for everyone: nature. What is more healing than nature itself?
You just need to step outside the big cities, piles of concrete and artificiality and enter the world of green purity. And the easiest way to do this is by camping. You do not need money, expensive clothes, sports car or anything that belongs to luxury. outdoor-camping2You should just bring good mood, some food, drinking water and everything else should be left by side. Camping means having fun in nature and in the fresh air – you just need to adjust your habits to a new environment.
If you are ready for nature, nature will return to you more than you expect. Before you decide to go camping, you should pick an appropriate tent. As soon as you find a perfect location for camping, which should be on a flat and safe terrain, and below some tree if possible you can start filling with energy. As soon as you step into the realms of nature you feel immense relaxation. All those colors, fresh air, heavenly silence fulfill your essence with enormous pleasure and sense of being part of something bigger, something that goes far and beyond. shutterstock-campers-thumbnail-2_75203665Instead of noise, you can hear only a sweet whisper of a current of fresh air that caresses your whole body.
Camping is just a tool for achieving that internal peace and a cure for healing our tormented and fragile spirit. It can last only one day and night, and that would be enough for total rebirth and recovery. We should all be one with nature because it was the case from the beginning of the world. Just imagine yourself near one creek, bright summer night, stars above you, the sputter of fire and complete silence. You are being filled with positive energy and ready for a return to everyday activities in the city.

In these times of hard working, rush and lack of time, we all should give ourselves a break and soul peace. People are forgetting constantly how important is to spend some time in nature – not only because we run from a buildings, city traffic or fast life, but because we charge our batteries in that way. Some people would not say so, but they just can’t admit that nature is important for our normal life functioning. The more time we spend in human’s natural environment, the more we get in every sense.

Author: Mark Eisele

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