Useful Tips for Making Backpacking Easier

It is true that hiking can be challenging; it requires a great amount of will power and stamina, hard times are there just to test the determination, but you can learn different tricks that can help you to hike a mile more per day. After all, hiking is an endurance sport, so you need to think ahead, and reduce fatigue and physical discomfort as much as you can. Many hikers think that there are no secrets except walking, you just need to empty your mind and walk, but that is far from the truth, many practical issues are important in hiking as there are many tricks that may help you to preserve vitality and good condition.
Carry a Light Pack!

box-poradyThere are many diverse backpacks available on the market; they came in almost limitless variety of shapes, colors, and more or less useful features. However, your backpack is not a fashion piece of equipment; it needs to be reliable and practical, so it is a very important to choose the right one. First of all, you must know the purpose. Are you going for simple walk or you will spend an entire month in mountains? When you know the goal, you should choose the most practical pack, one that will suit you the most. Do not forget that you need to have a least possible amount of weight on your trip. That is an extremely important issue, chose a lightweight backpack and you will be fine.
Early Morning is Your Friend


Weather conditions are extremely important in hiking, therefore, try to start your daily trip as early in the morning as possible, hiking in hot afternoon is not advisable. You can also walk during calm evening hours, but in any case, pay special attention to your protective equipment. It is advisable to wear a sun hat, or you can use sunglasses if you need. Proper organization is the key to success, so to get up early in the morning, you must be practical and disciplined in your daily activities.
Start Your Regular Exercise Program

Hiking WorkoutIt is almost obvious, the stronger you are, the more you will walk per day, so you will need physically and mentally to prepare yourself for your journey. As I already said, hiking is survival sport; it is not about haste and dexterity, so you need to be in a faultless physical condition. Start your exercise program three weeks before your main trip and try to improve your overall strength and endurance. Be determined and steady in your daily routine and you will soon get in optimum physical form. You should choose specific exercises that may expand your stamina, sprint is obviously not a right type of exercise, but long distance running is a perfect. The major advice here is to be systematic, do not try to push you over the limit – it would only produce opposite effect! If you invest some energy and time in such training, you will enjoy much more in your hiking!

Author: Mark Eisele

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